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Sutton who?
I am a member of the Particle Physics Group in the Physics Department at the University of Oxford, and currently a lecturer in physics at St Catherine's College, Oxford. I spend a significant amount of time on a variety of "Outreach" activities, including those listed below.

Particle Physics UK The website for everyone who wants to know more about particle physics, in particular the latest news in the subject. This includes Particle Physics Picture of the Week (see review in Science, 24 March 2000, p 2111), which is also a DMOZ Open Directory Cool Site, and is the second site listed if you search there for "particle physics". Please send suggestions for inclusion of YOUR favourite cool images of particle physics (past, present or future) to me here at Oxford; (but no attachments thank you!)

Particle Physics Exhibits Project (PPEP) This is a ‘library’ of demonstrations, interactive models and displays for particle physicists throughout the UK to take particle physics to the public. It is designed to enable interactive presentation of particle physics at all kinds of public event, from demonstration lectures at schools to full-scale exhibitions. (See also

European Particle Physics Outreach Group. I am the UK representative in this network of people, representing the CERN member states, who are involved with the dissemination of information in the field of Particle Physics. In July 2001 (at the EPS High Energy Physics conference in Budapest) I was awarded the European Physical Society's new Outreach prize for particle physics, together with Erik Johansson of Stockholm University (see also the CERN Courier).

Talks for schools. Like other members of the Particle Physics group I am happy to give talks to schools and other organisations. See here for a list of names and topics.

Science and Art. I am interested in projects that encourage artists to think about scientific ideas (and vice versa!). In 2000 I ran Inner Space Odyssey - a successful projects with three Oxfordshire schools, where sixth-from art students visualised the "inner space" of the atom.

Continuing Education. I give a week's introduction to some aspects of particle physics each year as part of the Oxford University Summer School for Adults.

British Association for the Advancement of Science. I am a member of the BA's Physics Section Committee, whose principal task is organising the physics programme for the BA's annual Festival of Science.

Edinburgh International Science Festival. I am a member of the Festival's Programme Committee.

Books include Spaceship Neutrino (foreword by Fred Reines), The Particle Connection and The Particle Explosion (with Frank Close and Michael Marten) with a 5* review from Amazon.

To find out more about particle physics:

Solar Eclipse 1999
Yes, I was lucky enough to see it, and you can see my photos here.