eXceed (X-windows emulator, FTP and Telnet)

Most systems now run either version 5 or version 6

Version 6 - New features

With version 6 it is possible to create up to 4 virtual screens. Each virtual screen can hold the whole desktop from an x-windows session. For example, you may want to run an X-windows session to a VMS system and to a UNIX system at the same time and have a fast way of switching between the two.

To create multiple screens

  1. Open up the exceed configuration folder, either by

    a) selecting XConfig from the exceed folder under the START menu or by

    b) right clicking on the X icon in the top left hand corner of the eXceed window, select tools, select configuration.

  2. Select Screen Definition.
  3. Select Add to add a new screen and set your preferences.
  4. From the main X-window, start an X-Session to one of the host you want to work from.
  5. Once logged in, use a telnet or some other means to open a window on the other host you want to start a second X-windows to.
  6. Once logged into the second host, set the X-windows output to go to you PC but direct the output to the second screen (screens are counted from zero)

    e.g. from VMS

        set display /node=mypc/screen=1

  7. Start any applications you want to appear on the second screen. Often this will be the session manager which can then be used to start other application is the usual X-Windows fashion. E.g. , again from VMS

    $ spawn/nowait run sys$system:decw$session

  8. The UNIX equivalent for directing the x-windows output and starting the decwindows session manager (Digital UNIX) would be

    setenv DISPLAY mypc:0.1

    dxsession &