Setting Up Outlook

Setting up Outlook on a domain system using your domain account is very straightforward. For Outlook 2007 and 2010, the `autodiscover` process will fill in all the information you need so just let it do the configuration for you. Outlook 2003 requires some information to be typed in by hand. When you create a new mail account a wizard will start into which you have to type the following information

    Your name            Please use your account name

    server address        Use

    We recommend that you select `cached mode`. This keeps a copy of emails on your local system which can be viewed when disconnected from the network and in normal operation also reduces the load on the servers.

If using Outlook 2007 or 2010, then you can use the `autodiscover` feature. Basically, all it needs to know is your email address (which it will already know if you are logged into the domain) and it will look up all the other information it needs.

Using outlook 2007/2010 from outside of the Department

The autodiscover process will download most of the settings for you, but you have to give it a pointer to your account to get it started. You'll get to a screen similar to the one below. Type in your name and in the email address field, type your email address ending in This is used to find our email system and also to `guess` your login account name. So if you put in your email address that's of the form <accountname> you will find that the rest of the setup goes very smoothly.

As part of the process you will be asked for login information again. Please check this very carefully as this is where any problems are most likely to appear. You should be logging in as <username> If the username/password dialogue box shows anything other than that, please correct it, e.g. by selecting `login as a different user`. Please note that if you filled in the first screen correctly, the account information will already be correct. So check you haven't used, or Please also be careful to include the with the account name. If you give the account name on its own, outlook will try to login using a local account of that name and is bound to fail.

Autodiscover will download the settings to enable `outlook anywhere` for you. The settings are identical to those given in the Outlook 2003 section below.

Using outlook 2003 from outside of the Department

Previously this mechanism was known as RPC over HTTP. Its now known as Outlook Anywhere. If you are already setup, you basically need to replace the `proxy server` with (rather than

Go to account settings

Select your exchange account

Click More Settings and select the Connection tab as below.

Click in The Outlook Anywhere option (or similar in earlier versions of outlook) and then click Exchange Proxy Settings. Edit this to look like the following

Click ok several times and restart outlook.