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Setting up Mutt

Thanks to CERN for identifying the following issue with Mutt

Problem: Mutt retrieves some messages and then it is stuck. It happens usually for folders with more than 2000 messages.

Solution: follow a fix given on http://dev.mutt.org/trac/ticket/3459 


Thanks to Michael Williams from Astrophysics for this example of a working configuration

    set spoolfile=imaps://mail.physics.ox.ac.uk:993/INBOX

    set folder=imaps://mail.physics.ox.ac.uk:993/

    set imap_user="<username>@physics.ox.ac.uk"


and optionally...


    set postponed="imaps://mail.physics.ox.ac.uk:993/Drafts"

    set record="imaps://mail.physics.ox.ac.uk:993/Sent\ Items"


which specifies drafts and sent mail be stored in the default Exchange location (i.e. the same place they'll be if you also send email through the web interface).


mutt handles the change of certificate arrangements without trouble.

If you are using mutt's built in smtp support (rather than a separate mta) then you should include the following



      set smtp_url="smtp://<username>@physics.ox.ac.uk@mail.physics.ox.ac.uk"

      set smtp_authenticators="login"