Exchange Clients

Exchange clients use the Microsoft specific MAPI specification to access the server. It provides the best possible functionality but is only available on Windows and Mac platforms. The preferred client is Microsoft Outlook which is available as Outlook 97, 98, 2000, XP and 2003. These are part of the Microsoft Office suite which is covered by the University campus agreement with Microsoft.

Setting up Outlook

The setup varies for each version of outlook so the details aren't recorded here. However, there are some general points.

  • When asked for the connection or email server type, chose `Exchange Server` or `Corporate`.
  • Your exchange server will be exchng6 or depending on which sub-department you are in. If you put in the wrong one exchange will redirect you.
  • Your mailbox is usually identified by simply giving your first and last names.

If you need help with a specific setup, please email IT Support and include the version you are trying to configure.

Remote access using Outlook

If you want to use Outlook from home or from other sites the configuration is a little more complex as most firewalls (including the University campus firewall) block the proprietary protocols used to connect to Exchange. The issue can be overcome in one of 3 ways.

  1. VPN. You first establish a VPN connection to Physics - see Creating a Secure Connection to Physics. Once established, Outlook traffic is passed through a VPN tunnel which firewalls generally allow.
  2. Connect from Outlook to Exchange using HTTP. If you are running Outlook 2003 or later you can configure it to talk to the Exchange servers via a Web protocol which very few firewalls will hinder.
  3. Use Outlook Web Access. This is a Web interface to the Exchange server and the look, feel and functionality is very close to Outlook. You can reach this service here.

Setting up Microsoft Entourage 2004

Please Note:

  • The calendar, contacts etc. in Entourage do not link back to the exchange server they are only stored locally on the machine.
  • Entourage is not recommended for users with large mailboxes.

To configure Entourage:

  • Open Entourage.
  • Click Entourage > Account Settings > Exchange > New.
  • Click Configure Account Manually.
  • Enter:
    Account Name: Joe Bloggs
    User ID: <Your Username>
    Password: <Your Password>
    Exchange Server:
    Name: Joe Bloggs
  • Click Directory.
  • Enter:
    LDAP Server:
    Search Base: dc=physics, dc=ox, dc=ac, dc=uk
  • Click Advanced Options.
  • Untick:
    This server requires me to log on
    Override default LDAP port
  • Click OK.