Data Loss Prevention

A number of users have recently lost months of work due to them not having a current backup of their important files.

To minimize the risk of data loss please follow these basic of rules.

  1. Backup your data This is obvious but the amount of people that don't do this is worrying. It's time consuming I know but it is necessary.
  2. Critical Data should be backed up regularly and to multiple locations.  Centrally Managed Servers / Removable Storage ( USB - CD )
  3. Use Centrally Managed servers to store your data - Group Area and Group DAQ areas are available ( Link to Data Storage )
  4. OUCS provide a Central Service so you can backup your desktop or laptop. The backup is only once a week. If the system is registered by IT support then a backup will be run every day. This is only for important systems that would require a significant amount of support effort to restore from scratch ( Link to OUCS HFS web Page ). You can purchase software that will allow you to capture an online disk image of your system which allows easier recovery of your system. Storage may be available centrally for the backup image files. Please contact me to discuss this ( John Harris ).
  5. If you are having trouble with your desktop or laptop and you need someone from IT Support to look at it then make sure that a copy of your hard disk has been taken before any work has been done on it. Central IT support now follow a policy of backing up system desktops or laptops before working on them but you still need to make sure that it has been done. IT staff will also seek your approval before reloading your system or deleting data.