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Importing Pine Folders Into Exchange

The procedure below may be used to copy Pine folders into your Physics Mail account.

Copy the Pine folders into a folder on your local system e.g.

       Start  ->  Run  ->  cmd 

       >  mkdir   mypinefiles 

       >  cd  mypinefiles 

       >  scp user@othernode:mail/pinefolder1  pinefolder1    (or other copy utility)

Rename them all to have file type mbx  e.g.

       > rename  pinefolder1  pinefolder1.mbx   ( rename  *  *.mbx    if there are many files )

Use Netscape 4.79 Messenger to copy each folder into your Physics Exchange account:

   (1) You may obtain Netscape 4.79 from the Local Kits Server;

   (2) Install it temporarily on your system;

         Install everything but take care not to override existing default settings. 

   (3) Configure Netscape Messenger to access your Physics Mail account using IMAP;

   (4) Create a folder MyPineMail under Local Mail

   (5) Import each folder into Netscape Messenger specifying Eudora format ;

         File -> Import -> Eudora -> Browse to pinefolder1

               -> Open  -> Import into a mail folder named: MyPineMail

               -> Next -> File is imported  (Time will vary with folder size and network bandwidth.)

               -> Select another file or Cancel   (You may import several files at once.)

        The folder pinefolder1 will appear in folder MyPineMail under Local Mail

   (6) Move each Pine folder from Local Mail into your Physics Exchange account.

        Warning! This last step (6) is very slow. Make sure you allow it to complete. 

Once all folders have been successfully copied into your Physics Mail account and you are satisfied with the result you may delete the folder files from your local system and uninstall Netscape 4.79.