Profile Storage Space Quota:

When you next log into your Centrally Managed Windows system or into Termservqc ( windows terminal server ) you will notice a new icon in the bottom right corner

hand corner of  your desktop ( system tray ).


If you do not know what a Windows Profile is then please see the following for an explanation.

Windows Profile Definition

This icon is informing you that your windows profile has not exceeded your allocated profile quota . At the moment the current profile quota is 300MB for desktop systems and 100MB for a Terminal Server profile.

The reason profile quotas have been introduced is because of the amount of support requests  that having large profiles are generating. Having a large profile results in the following:

Long delays in logging into your account and also when you logout.

Your profile is more likely to suffer from corruption.

IT staff have to spend time reducing the size of the profile and making sure the data isnít required before deletion.

See the following web page for best practice when saving data on Managed Windows Desktops.

New Users - Best Practice Notes for Using Centrally Managed Windows Desktops

Scenarios in which you may exceed your profile quota and what will happen when you exceed your quota.

Saving data directly on the desktop.

If you are browsing the web and you decide to download a file the default location for FireFox to save the file is to the desktop. This

can lead to you exceeding your profile quota. If your quota is exceeded than you will not be able to log out until your

profile is reduced in size.

Most applications that are installed on your desktop save user specific configuration settings into the profile in the following


C:\Documents & settings\Username\Application Data

Some application vendors  do not use the Application Data directory correctly and save temporary data into these locations

which will result in your profile quota being exceeded.

In the above scenarios a message box will be displayed ( see below ) informing you that your profile quota has been exceeded.



The icon in the bottom right hand corner will also change to the following.


If you try to logout without reducing your profile storage space then the profile storage space message box is displayed ( see below ).

Steps to reduce your profile quota.

To reduce profile quota please perform the following steps.

Double click on the above icon and you will see the following message box displayed.



At the top of the Files in your profile list you can see that in this case the profile quota has been exceeded by an ISO file that has been saved on

the desktop. As I donít want to keep this file then I can just delete it. If I wanted to keep it then I would just move it to my My Documents folder or

my H: drive.

If the profile Storage Space message box informs you that you have files in your Application Data that are causing you to exceed your profile quota then

you will have to navigate to your profile with explorer. Your profile is usually stored in the following location.

C:\Documents & Settings\Username.

If you canít see the directories that are reported to be consuming the profile quota then you will need to go into the control panel and

click on the Folder Options applet and select the View Tab.

You need to select the following options to display the hidden system folders.

Hidden files and folders :

Show hidden files and folders ( selected )

Hide protected operating system files ( recommended )  - ( not selected )


When you have selected the above options you should be able to delete or move the data out of your profiles hidden directories to reduce the size of your profile.

To clean your profile automatically please run the following programs to try reduce the size of your Windows profile.



The ProfileClean.exe program will go through your profile and delete temporary data in your application data folder. If your run the DesktopMove.exe program then any large files that you have stored on your desktop will be moved to your H: drive. A shortcut folder will be placed on your desktop which points to the moved files.


If you have any doubts about deleting data from your profile directories then please email to check whether or not the data is required.