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Remote Access to Your Physics Home Directory

When outside Physics you can access any of the files in your home directory using SFTP/SCP.

The SFTP protocol provides similar functionality to FTP but is secure as information is encrypted. SCP is a secure copy protocol and has a command line syntax similar to `copy` commands. The services are accessed via the Windows front end server (winfe) e.g. from a command line prompt on Linux (or any other OS with command line clients)

scp  username@winfe.physics.ox.ac.uk:subfolder/filename localfile

Replace username with the name of your Physics networking account. If your username on the Physics network system is the same as the username on the machine on which you are running the scp client you will usually be able to default it e.g.

scp  winfe.physics.ox.ac.uk:subfolder/filename  localfile

You'll be prompted for a password. The starting folder when you login is your Windows home folder (H:). Please contact IT Support if you need access to other folders.

Note that to access a file in your home folder you should simply specify

scp  winfe.physics.ox.ac.uk:filename  localfile
By using the recursive option ( e.g. -r or --recursive ) you can copy whole directory trees with a single command.