2008-06-03  New Departmental Printer-Copiers Available.


There are now five new Sharp (MX-5500N or MX-4500N) printer-copiers available for use:

AtmosSharpL2        MX-4500N in AOPP Level 2.

CLSharp171             MX-5500N in Clarendon Room 171.

DWBSharpL6            MX-5500N in DWB Level 6.

DWBSharpL7            MX-5500N in DWB Level 7.

TheorySharp            MX-4500N in Theory Level 3.

The devices are served via a new server, .

All of the devices may be accessed in the same way as any other printer served via the main print server, . Simply substitute pcounter for printserver in the instructions for Accessing Printers in Physics for your particular operating system ( MS Windows , Linux or Mac ).