Obtaining Software Kits from the Local Server

Instructions for a Linux System.

To access copies of software distribution kits on our local server from a Linux system you may do the following.


Create a temporary local directory to receive the kit and go to it:

    mkdir   tempkit

    cd   tempkit

Connect to the server using the interactive  smbclient  program:

smbclient // --user="physics\yourusername"   

    ( where   xxxxxxx   is the name of the package you want  e.g. "MATLAB"

       and   yourusername   is your Physics Windows username e.g. "bloggs" )

Switch off prompting.

    smb: \>  prompt

Enable copying of multiple files and folders.

    smb: \>  recurse

Use the   dir   and   cd   commands to see what's available and to navigate to what you want

    smb: \>  dir

    smb: \>  cd  ddddddd

Copy all the files from the selected directory into the  tempkit  local directory:

    smb: \>  mget  *

Exit the  smbclient  program:

    smb: \>  q


Make sure that you have selected the kit you require and have copied the complete kit into a local folder on your Linux system.

Further information on licensing, etc for individual packages is available.