Connecting to the Physics Web Server

Windows Web Folders

Open 'My Network Places' and click on 'add a network place'. When asked for the network address type in the url of your subweb (eg and give it a friendly name like 'Physics website'. You will be prompted for login name and password. You can open this 'network place' with explorer and you'll find it looks just like and ordinary folder. You can navigate by clicking on folders and can right-click to get properties.

Microsoft FrontPage

Select FrontPage from the 'Start' menu, if FrontPage is not installed then it can be found on the terminal servers. On FrontPage's 'File' menu select the 'Open Web' option. Type in the url of your subweb (eg and enter your details when prompted.

Unfortunately FrontPage's visual page designer is not presently able to create good, accessible html. Most technically minded users should consider using FrontPage only as a source code editor.

Other Operating Systems

Users of other operating systems should connect to the Microsoft terminal servers and then use Web Folders or FrontPage.