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Thanks from the SOC/LOC to all who attended and made the workshop a success.

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We are pleased to announce the latest Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses workshop on the Square Kilometre Array Design Studies. The backbone of the MCCT-SKADS programme is the transfer of knowledge and skills between the current project scientists and the students and scientists who are new to the field.

Following the previous successful workshops around Europe, the Oxford meeting will focus on multi-field and multi-beam science with the Square Kilometre Array.

A large fraction of the collecting area of the SKA will consist of phased aperture array receivers which make use of cutting-edge digital signal processing technology to replace conventional analogue electronics and mechanical hardware, thus forming 'all-electronic' radio telescopes. This allows for a very fast and versatile instrument, facilitating the multi-field and multi-beam observing modes which allow the telescope to rapidly switch between patches of the sky, and even look in several directions at once.

This workshop will cover the scientific rationale for the use of multiple beams and pointings, as well as the hardware and software techniques which are involved in the development of aperture arrays, including state of the art simulations of both the instruments and the radio sky. Existing and pending 'SKA pathfinder' radio telescopes are already making use of aperture arrays, and these will be examined together with the analysis techniques that are required to cope with their large data rates.

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