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Research Staff in Astrophysics

Professor Roger Davies Philip Wetton Professor and Head  of Astrophysics
Dr Suzanne Aigrain Extra-solar planets, star and planet formation
Professor S Jocelyn Bell Burnell Neutron stars, microquasars, gamma ray bursts
Professor Katherine Blundell Relativistic jets, astrophysical plasmas, evolution of quasars and microquasars
Dr Andrew Bunker Formation and evolution of galaxies
Dr Martin Bureau Galaxy dynamics and evolution
Dr Michele Cappellari Galaxy formation and evolution
Dr Garret Cotter Observational Cosmology
Dr Gavin Dalton Large-Scale Structure and FMOS Project
Dr Julien Devriendt Cosmology, Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Dr Joanna Dunkley Theoretical Cosmology
Professor Pedro Ferreira Theoretical Cosmology
Professor Isobel Hook Cosmology with high redshift supernovae; high redshift quasars
Professor Mike Jones Experimental Cosmology
Dr Chris Lintott Star formation
Dr Tony Lynas-Gray Stellar Atmospheres and Pulsation
Dr Phil Marshall Observational cosmology, gravitational lensing
Professor John Miller Relativistic Astrophysics
Dr Lance Miller Observational Cosmology
Professor Philipp Podsiadlowski Stellar Evolution Theory and Applications
Professor Steve Rawlings Observational Cosmology
Dr Dimitra Rigopoulou Observational Cosmology, Mid-Far Infrared Spectroscopy
Professor Pat Roche Young Stars and Infrared Instrumentation
Professor Joseph Silk Savilian Professor
Dr Adrianne Slyz numerical hydrodynamics, interstellar medium, galaxy formation
Dr Harry Smith Radio interference characterisation and spectrum management  [CRAF Associate]
Dr Mark Sullivan Observational cosmology; Dark energy; Galaxy evolution; Supernovae
Dr Angela Taylor Experimental Cosmology
Professor Niranjan Thatte Integral Field Spectroscopy, Seyferts & AGN, Exo-planets
Professor Ghassan Yassin Experimental Cosmology

Research Staff in Theoretical Physics

Professor James Binney Gravitational Dynamics
Dr John Magorrian Galactic/Solar System Dynamics, Gravitational Lensing
Dr John March-Russell Particle Astrophysics
Dr Graham Ross Particle Astrophysics
Prof Subir Sarkar Particle Astrophysics and the Early Universe

Gemini Support Staff

Dr Emily Down AGN
Dr Andrew Gosling X-ray binaries
Dr Ilona Soechting Observational cosmology
Dr Aprajita Verma Observational Cosmology

Postdoctoral Researchers in Astrophysics

Dr Estelle Bayet  
Dr Fraser Clarke Brown dwarfs, Extrasolar planets
Dr Charmaine Armitage-Caplan Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background
Dr Sirichai Chongchitnan Theoretical cosmology. Observational tests of inflation and dark energy
Dr Tim Clifton Theoretical Cosmology
Dr Yohan Dubois Numerical hydrodynamics, galaxy formation, cosmological magnetic field, feedback
Dr Neale Gibson Extrasolar planet detection and characterisation
Dr Christopher Gordon Cosmology
Dr Ian Heywood Observational Cosmology
Dr Ryan Houghton Galaxy Evolution
Dr Aris Karastergiou
Dr Sugata Kaviraj The Formation and Evolution of the First Galaxies
Dr Hans-Rainer Klockner Observational Cosmology
Dr Jamie Leech Experimental Cosmology
Dr Ian Lewis FMOS Project
Dr Kate Maguire Supernovae, observational cosmology
Dr Sebastian Perez Micrquasars, AGN
Dr Arfon Smith Galaxy Zoo
Dr Matthias Tecza
Dr Stephen Wilkins Galaxy formation and evolution
Dr Kristian Zarb Adami Experimental Cosmology, Bayesian Data Analysis, CMOS Design
Dr Joe Zuntz CMB theory and analysis

Post-doctoral Researchers in Theoretical Physics

See Theoretical Astrophysics website

Postgraduate Students in Astrophysics

Graeme Addison Cosmology, CMB, inflation
Richard Armstrong Experimental Cosmology
Tessa Baker Theoretical cosmology, modified gravity
Sarah Blake Supernovae
Richard Booth Stars. simulations
Philip Bull Theoretical cosmology; inhomogeneous cosmological models; dark energy
Joseph Caruana Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Adam Coates Radio astronomy
Charles Copley Radio instrumentation
Daniel Darg Foundations of Cosmology, Multiverse Scenarioes, Computer Modelling
Olaf Davis Cosmological dark matter simulations
Roger Deane Radio interferometry, galaxy evolution
Sam Doolin Quasars and Radio Galaxies, Microquasars, Accretion and Jets
Griffin Foster Radio Instrumentation
Sam Geen Numerical Galaxy Formation
Renee Hlozek Theoretical and Observational Cosmology
Taysun Kimm Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Boon Kok Tan Terahertz intrumentation, Cosmology, Astronomical Telescope
Edward Macaulay Theoretical Cosmology
Amy McQuillan Extra-solar planets
Sarah Miller Galaxy Dynamics & Evolution
Ernst Otto Experimental Cosmology
Yen-Chen Pan Type 1a Supernovae
Kieran Phillips Large scale galactic dynamics, early universe dynamics and cosmology, solar physics, theoretical astrophysics
William Potter AGN jet production, accretion discs, dark energy
Danny Price Instrumentation
Henry Tillson Cosmology, Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Sel├žuk Topal Early Type Galaxies
Mihran Vardanyan Theoretical Cosmology
Jasmeer Virdee Herschel, ALMA, GMRT
Qiang Yi QSOs
Kimon Zagkouris  
Yangjun Zhou  


Dr Susan Ames Theoretical Cosmology
Charlie Barclay Green College SCR
Dr Marc Sarzi Galaxy Evolution

Postgraduate Students in Theoretical Physics

See Theoretical Astrophysics website

Support Staff

Martin J Carter Deputy Systems Manager
Jonathan Patterson Beowulf Manager
Vanessa Ferraro-Wood Astrophysics Administrator and PA to Head of Astrophysics
Yunley Oakley Astrophysics Finance Manager
Ashling Morris Astrophysics Secretary and PA to Savilian Professor

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