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Professor Roger Davies

Roger Davies Qualifications: BSc., PhD.

Position: Philip Wetton Professor of Astrophysics and Head of Astrophysics

Departmental duties:

    2009-10 Convenor of the Physics Research Forum

    2008- Member Project Board for New Clarendon Building

    2008- Member of the board of Visitors of the Museum of the History of Science

    2007- Member Joint Resource Allocation Advisory Board

    2007-10 Member Joint Variable Fees Group

    2005-10 Head of Department

    2005- Member John Fell OUP Research Fund Committee

Teaching duties: S02 Astrophysics: from Planets to the Cosmos.

Research Interests: My research aim is to advance our understanding of cosmology and the evolution of galaxies by developing new techniques and instruments. My contributions span cosmology: the distance scale, large scale motions of galaxies and galaxies at high redshift; galaxy evolution: dynamics, stellar populations and galaxy clusters; and telescopes, instruments & techniques.

Publications: See my own bibliography.

Curriculum Vitae: Click here for a pdf version.

Room: 715

Telephone: +44-1865-273305


College: Christ Church


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