The Denys Wilkinson Day Archive

Sir Denys Wilkinson    

On 21st June 2002 the building housing the University's Particle and Astro-physics Laboratory was renamed the Denys Wilkinson Building to celebrate the founding of the Laboratory by Sir Denys Wilkinson in 1957.

Sir Denys recalled the circumstances of his arrival from Cambridge in a talk on 'The Creation of the Nuclear Physics Laboratory'. Professor Nick Jelley spoke on 'From Nuclei to Neutrinos' and Professor Armin Reichold on 'Large Projects, Present and Future' (7MB). The original 'From Nuclei to Neutrinos' presentation slideshow (aprox 6MB) by Professor Nick Jelley can be found in Powerpoint format here or PDF format here.

To illustrate some of the research activities of members of the laboratory over the previous 45 years a number of posters were displayed in the corridors of the building. These are listed below and for those projects in preparation at the time links are provided to their current web sites.

List of Posters

Particle physics Early Days
Nuclear physics at Harwell and Rutherford Laboratory
Hadron physics in Bubble Chambers
Developments for particle physics
Particle physics with electronic detectors
The van de Graaff Era 1
The van de Graaff Era 2
The van de Graaff Era 3
The van de Graaff Era 4
Last van de Graaff Experiments
European Muon Collaberation (EMC)
Soudan II
* Neutrino Factory
Future Neutrino
Linear Collider
    The Tower - Van de Graaf Accelerator    

* = To be Added