Central Electronics Group

The Central Electronics Group based on level 4 of the Denys Wilkinson Building in Keble Road, provides a service in electronics to the Physics Department and beyond. 

Please contact the head of the workshop with your requests for construction or repair.

For specialist design advice, contact the appropriate expert directly.

An equipment loan pool service is available for the short term loan of a variety of test instruments.

Engineers and technicians provide help and advice in their specialist areas.

Feel free to visit the Central Electronics Group on level 4 to discuss your requirements.

If there are any problems or the job is particularly urgent contact:-

Head of Central Electronics
Mr Johan Fopma (DWB Room 482c)
phone: 73420
Head of  Electronics Workshop
Mr Mark Jones (DWB Room 481a)
phone: 73392; 73469 (workshop)


Electrical Supervisor Equipment Sign-off document:  Safety_sign_off_2019.doc and notes: Word files/ESAC2.doc :