Mains Power Monitoring

If you have a suspicion that there is a problem with the 240 volt mains power supply in your laboratory or office Central Electronics can monitor it for a period using a Fluke VR1710 Voltage Quality Recorder. For details of this facility please contact Nik Windle. We only have one of these monitors so you may have to wait till it is available.

 Fluke VR1710 Photo

The VR1710 is usually set up to record voltage (minimum, maximum and average) and frequency samples once every minute, or every 5 minutes, while also recording certain trigger 'events' such as momentary power surges and transients (transients are distortions in the 50Hz wave pattern). The VR1710 needs to be set-up then left plugged into a mains socket for an appropriate period, usually between a few days and a month. The data can then be downloaded and analysed by Central Electronics. Spread sheet and screenshot exports can be supplied. More often than not voltage monitoring indicates there is not a problem with mains supply but this in itself can be useful when tracking down problems.

Excel Power Log data screenshot

Sample screenshot of VR1710 data exported to Excel 

Power Log volts screenshot

Sample screenshot of volts (min, max and ave) against time from VR1710 Power Log software