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Configuring Apple Mail using Web services

Important: These instructions are for Apple Mail on Snow Leopard and only apply to users who have had their mailbox moved to exchange 2010. If you are not sure whether you are on this server, please contact IT first.

First, if Mail is already configured to access the old mail server, you need to remove the account details. Open Mail's Preferences, select the existing Mail account, and click the "-" button to remove it. Then, quit Mail. (Mail may pause for a few minutes before quitting, if you have a lot of mail. This is normal.)

Next, re-open Mail. If you don't have any mail accounts configured, the new account window will open automatically. If you do, you'll need to open the Preferences, and click the "+" button.

Fill in the first screen as follows, replacing "your.email@physics.ox.ac.uk" with your email address. Note that the "User name" box will not appear until you click Continue. When it does, fill it in as shown. Note that this is not your email address, but your username followed by "@physics.ox.ac.uk" e.g. doe@physics.ox.ac.uk

Then click Continue again.

Finally, if you want full integration with exchange,  leave the iCal and Address Book boxes ticked. Mail is now set up.