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LabVIEW Site Licence.


N.B. These pages are under construction and should not be used as a source of information until this warning is removed.


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N.B. All enquiries about LabVIEW licences and kits should come from an ox.ac.uk e-mail address. Enquiries from other e-mail addresses will be ignored.

The University has an unlimited site licence for the Full LabVIEW Development Suite. All licences are standalone. Because it's not centrally funded everyone has to contribute through departments, groups or individually.

The LabVIEW site licence is renewed annually and the payment is an annual charge. Departments may buy an unlimited share of the licence. Smaller departments and groups can purchase individual licences. The charge for an unlimited share is based on the size of the department which in turn is assessed using the total student numbers (UG+PG) where appropriate.


Large departments who want unlimited use can purchase an unlimited share by contributing a fraction of the cost of the annual fee. So far the following departments have opted into this scheme.

Users in these departments should contact their IT support groups to discuss licensing, installation and product registration.

Information on LabVIEW and licensing within the University of Oxford may also be obtained from the Physics Department.

The site licence covers all staff and students for use of LabVIEW within the University. The notional cost per student is around 80p + VAT but it has been decided to let all undergraduate students within the University of Oxford have free access to LabVIEW. Student Information on LabVIEW licensing and kits will normally be made available through the teaching courses in the various departments but may also be obtained from the Physics Department.

The more departments which take an unlimited share the lower the cost will be for everyone. The figures used for the student count come directly from the University Offices. If any other department would like to know what an unlimited licence would cost them please contact us at the Information on LabVIEW address. Any department will be able to convert to unlimited use at any time. Legally we will be instantly covered: it's simply a question of dividing up the costs fairly.

Note that the unlimited site licence covers all staff and students from the above departments and covers all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Individual Licences

The annual costs for individual licences outside departments with unlimited shares are given in the table below.

Please note that these prices are the total price you pay, there is no need to add VAT for inter-departmental orders.

Licence Costs Comments
Single host £240.00 Each individual system requires a separate licence.
5 hosts £1080.00 Five licences for five separate systems.
10 hosts £2050.00 Ten licences for ten separate systems.
Undergraduate Student Free Contact the Student Information on LabVIEW address for licence and kit details.

The income from these licences will be added to the income from the departments in order to purchase the unlimited site licence.

To purchase individual licences, please send a purchase order for the number of licences you require (Do not add VAT) to

    John Macallister, Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PU

    payable to "Central Physics" and mention "LabVIEW Licence (Ref: John Macallister)" somewhere on the order to help avoid it becoming lost in the financial system.

If payment is not via Oracle Financials please add 20% VAT (unless exempt).

The provision of installation kits and product registration for individual licences are also administered through the Physics Department.

Please note that prices may vary from year to year depending on the uptake of individual licences and also with any change in the price charged by National Instruments.

More general information on LabVIEW and its applications may be found on the National Instruments Web site .


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