Physics libraries

From 1st March 2005 the Physics departmental libraries ceased to exist. A lot of the former library material is still kept in the Clarendon or Denys Wilkinson Building laboratories.

Please use the following links to see lists of what is housed where:

Please use this link to the Science@Oxford to check for material available within Oxford (including the Radcliffe Science Library).

Physics Library Committee

If you have a suggestion for a journal for which we definitely should have electronic access, please make a suggestion directly to the Electronic Resource Committee.

The following members of the department will still be representing their sub-departments although the library no longer exists:

Prof. John Chalker   Chairman
Dr Jonathon Hodby   Condensed Matter Physics
Professor Robin Devenish   Particle Physics
Dr Pedro Ferreira   Astrophysics
Professor John Chalker   Theoretical Physics
Professor Paul Ewart   Atomic and Laser Physics
Dr Pat Irwin   Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics