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MILENCIA, D. M. G.   [no more information available]   -   -  
IVANOVA, N.   [no more information available]   -   -  
MORETTO   [no more information available]   -   -  
PERANTOS   [no more information available]   -   -  
BIRKEL, M.   [no more information available]   -   -  
BOZTOSUN, I.   [no more information available]   -   -  
HAWKINS, R   [no more information available]   -   -  
HEY, A. J. G.   [no more information available]   -   -  
PAGE, P. R.   [no more information available]   -   -  
PERCIVAL, W. J.   [no more information available]   -   -  
SHELTON   [no more information available]   -   1996  
STEVENSON   [no more information available]   -   -  
PAPAZOGLLOU   [no more information given]   -   -  
MINETER, Michael John.   A 8Be detector and its application to nuclear reactions.   D. Phil.   1982  
ROSCOE, Dennis Alan.   A Bubble Chamber Investigation of Elementary Particle Physics, being a study of xf and d meson production in K-p interactions at 3.13 and 3.30 GeV/c.   D. Phil.   1971  
MALIK, M. K.   A Bulk Storage System for Interconnecting a Wide Range of Devices and Computers.   M. Sc.   1977  
CORDERO-LECCA, L. A.   A Code for the Study of Elastic Scattering using Generalized Optical Potentials.   M. Sc   1976  
LYNCH, Alice A   A Cryogenic Scintillation UCN Detector for a Neutron EDM Experiment   D. Phill.   2014  
WILLIAMS, Simon haughan   A Cylindrical Mirror Analyser for Neutrino Mass Measurement.   D. Phil.   1989  
PALACIOS J. P.   A Determination of the Mass and Width of the W Boson at LEP2   D. Phil.   2001  
PARKES, Christopher John.   A Determination of the W Boson Mass near the W-Pair Production Threshold. (2 copies)   D. Phil.   1998  
THOMAS, Julie Eleanor.   A Determination of the W Boston Mass by Direct Reconstruction Using the DELPHI Detector at LEPII.   D. Phil.   1999  
LAMING, John Martin.   A Differential Measurement of the Ground State Lamb Shift in Hydrogenic Germanium Ge31+.   D. Phil.   1988  
HAFNER, Ralf M.   A Dynamical Model of the Inner Milky Way.   D. Phil.   1999  
WATERS, David.   A First Estimate of d(e+p?e+W+- X) and Studies of High pT Leptons with the ZEUS Detector at HERA.   D. Phil.   1998  
HODGSON, Simon David.   A Flavour-Independent Analysis of the Leptonic Decay Modes of the Z.   D. Phil.   1992  
LUCAS, Philip.   A High Resolution Study of Circumstellar Matter.   D. Phil.   1996  
MELLOR, David John.   A Measurement of Bottom Hadron Lifetimes in e+e- Annihilations.   D. Phil.   1986  
BARGASSA, Pedrame.   A measurement of K K ?3p and an improved test of CPT.   D. Phil.   1999  
WILSON, Jeanne R.   A Measurement of the 8B Solar Neutrino Energy Spectrum at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.   D. Phil.   2004  
VEITCH, Margaret Elizabeth Forsyth.   A Measurement of the Average Lifetime of B Flavoured Hadrons and a Study of the Muon Identification Efficiency of DELPHI. (2 copies)   D. Phil.   1989  
BOSWORTH, Steven.   A Measurement of the B-Baryon Lifetime.   D. Phil.   1995  
ILLINGWORTH, John.   A measurement of the cross sections for e+e-?e+e- and e+e-?y at high energy.   D. Phil.   1983  
BROWN, R. M.   A Measurement of the Decay Rate of the K+ Meson into an Electron and a Neutino.   D. Phil.   1967  
TOWERS, Simon John.   A Measurement of the Neutral Current Chiral Couplings in Neutrino and Antineutrino Proton Interactions.   D. Phil.   1985  
McNICHOLAS, John.   A Measurement of the Nucleon Structure Function Fz in deep Inelastic Muon-Deuterium Scattering.   D. Phil.   1982  
SHOTTON, Paul Nigel.   A Measurement of the Proton Structure Functions in Neutrino-Hydrogen and Antineutrino-Hydrogen Charged-Current Interactions.   D. Phil.   1985  
NORMAND, Ainsley Margaret.   A Measurement of the Ratio of Partial Decay Widths Rb=G(Z?bb)/G(Z?hadrons).   D. Phil.   1996  
BUCHANAN, James Christopher   A measurement of the ratio of the W + 1 jet and Z + 1 jet cross sections using the ATLAS detector at the LHC   D.Phil   2012  
MANCA, Giulia.   A Measurement of the Ratio R= W+-.Br (W+-?e+-v)/ Z.Br (Z?e+e=) In p-p Collisions at s = 1.96 TeV.   D. Phil.   2003  
CORRIGAN, Gerald.   A Measurement of the Structure Function Fz in Neutrino and Antineutrino-Proton Charged Current Interactions.   D. Phil.   1983  
GILES, Richard Thomas.   A Measurement of the Total and Differential Cross Sections for the Charged-Current Interactions of Neutrinos with Protons.   D. Phil.   1981  
WHITEHEAD, Samuel Robert   A Measurement of the W Boson Charge Asymmetry with the ATLAS Detector   D.Phil   2011  
ROBSON, Aidan   A Measurement of Z Boson Production and Rapidity Distribution in Proton-Antiproton Collisions at √s = 1.96 TeV   D. Phil.   2004  
ALIZADEH, Ramin.   A New Upper Limit on the Electron Anti-Neutrino Rest-Mass.   D. Phil.   1989  
QUADT, Arnulf.   A Parallel Processing Track Trigger for the ZEUS High Energy Electron-Proton Scattering Detector. M. Sc.   M. Sc.   1997  
OREBI GANN, S. J.   A Partial Wave Analysis of Meson Decays to Three Psudo-Scalar Mesons.   D. Phil.   1975  
DEALTRY, J. Thomas   A precision measurement of νµ disappearance in the T2K experiment   D. Phil.   2014  
CONWAY, B. J.   A Random-Access Optical Mass-Store.   D. Phil.   1977  
WOODEN, Gemma   A search for H → WW using a Matrix Element Discriminant and a WW Cross Section Measurement at ATLAS   D.Phil   2011  
Sarah S. A. Livermore   A search for massive top quark resonances with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider   -   2012  
POPPE, Martin.   A Search for New Neutrino Types and New Neutrino Sources Using BEBC Detector.   D. Phil.   1981  
PITTAM, Robert N M   A Search for Sterile Neutrinos at the MINOS Experiment   D.Phil   2010  
PINDER, Alex   A search for supersymmetry with jets and missing transverse energy at the Large Hadron Collider, and the performance of the ATLAS missing transverse energy trigger   D.Phil   2012  
SHORT, Daniel R.   A search for supersymmetry with the ATLAS detector using kinematic shape constraints in events containing one electron or muon   D.Phil   2012  
BODDY, Christopher   A search for the Standard Model Higgs boson via its decay to tau leptons and W bosons at the ATLAS detector   D.Phil   2012  
BUCKINGHAM, Ian D.   A Spark Chamber Study of K-P? Neutral Final States from 0.690 to 1.0 GEV/C.   D. Phil.   1972  
RODRIGUES, Philip A   A Sterile-Neutrino Search with the MINOS Experiment   D.Phil   2010  
RIMMER, Elsie Margaret.   A Study in Nuclear Reactions at Intermediate Energies.   D. Phil.   1964  
SUMNER, D. J.   A Study of 10 GeV/cK+ Meson Interactions in Hydrogen.   D. Phil.   1967  
MENCHACA ROCHA, Arturo Alejandro.   A Study of 16O and 20NE Using Heavy Ion Reactions.   D. Phil.   1974  
ALPER, Barry.   A Study of 2-Pion Production In 10GeV/c K+ Messon Interactions in Hydrogen.   D. Phil.   1970  
WINSBORROW, R. P. J.   A Study of 3He Induced Reactions in Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1971  
HESMONDHALGH, Serena Katherine Beatrice.   A Study of Alpha Particle Widths in Light Nuclei Using Elastic Alpha Particle Scattering.   D. Phil.   1985  
WILKINSON, Guy.   A Study of B -B Oscillations at the Z Resonance.   D. Phil.   1993  
STEVENSON, Scott R   A Study of Central Exclusive Production at LHCb   D. Phil.   2015  
HUSSAIN, Nazim   A study of CP violation in B∓→Dh∓ (h=K,π) with the modes D→K∓π±π0, D→π+π−π0 and D→K+K−π0   D. Phil.   2015  
BUCK, B.   A Study of Deuteron Stripping Reactions at Intermediate Energies.   D. Phil.   1959  
JEANS, Daniel T. D.   A study of e+e-?W+W- at centre -of-mass energies between 161 and 209 GeV.   D. Phil.   2001  
BELL, Robin A. I.   A Study of Electromagnetic Properties of Excited Nuclear States.   D. Phil.   1969  
ANGELIS, Aris L. S.   A Study of Electron Pair Production in Proton-Proton Collisions at the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings.   D. Phil.   1982  
WOMERSLEY. William John.   A Study of Forward Hadron Production in Deep Inelastic Muon-Nucleus Scattering.   D. Phil.   1986  
BRADLOW, Hugh Simon.   A study of four nucleon cluster states in light nuclei, including 20Ne, 19F, 18F, using heavy ion alpha transfer reactions.   D. Phil.   1977  
START, D. F. H.   A Study of Gamma-Rays Excited in Some Nuclear Reactions.   D. Phil.   1968  
PROUDFOOT, G.   A Study of Heavy-Ion Induced Two-Nucleon Transfer Reactions Leading to High Spin States in Light Nuclei including 14C, 16O, 18O, 17F and 18F.   D. Phil.   1978  
JELLEY, Nicholas Alfred.   A Study of High Isospin States in Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1972  
SIMMONS, Peter Mark.   A Study of Highly Deformed a-Cluster Structures in Light Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1995  
CASHMORE, R. J.   A Study of Inelastic Pion-Proton Interactions in the Range 600-800 MeV/c.   D. Phil.   1969  
DALE, John   A Study of Interferometric Distance Measurement Systems on a Prototype Rapid   D.Phil   2009  
ADYE, Timothy John.   A Study of J/ Production at the LEP e+e- Collider; and the Implementation of the DELPHI Slow Controls System.   D. Phil.   1998  
COLLINS, Paula Rachel.   A Study of J/ Production and a Measurement of the Mean B Hadron Lifetime at the Z Resonance.   D. Phil.   1994  
WILLIAMS, A. S.   A study of Kp scattering through K+ interactions in deuterium.   D. Phil.   1977  
PINSENT, Andrew Charles.   A Study of Leptonic Decay Channels at the Z Resonance Peak.   D. Phil.   1990  
RAUFER, T.   A Study of Neutrino Oscillations in MINOS   D.Phil.   2007  
GODWIN, Nigel Spencer.   A Study of Nuclear Structure using Heavy-Ion Induced Three-Nucleon Transfer Reactions on 15N, 16O, 17O and 18O.   D. Phil.   1979  
CHANT, N. S.   A Study of Nuclear Structure with Protons of Intermediate Energy. Studies of (p,d) reactions using polarized and un-polarized protons.   D. Phil.   1966  
RAE, William Dickson Mudie.   A study of one or two nucleon transfer reactions on C12 induced by heavy ions.   D. Phil.   1976  
WALDRON, C. C.   A Study of p+P Elastic Scattering from 600 to 800 MeV/c.   D. Phil.   1968  
PETYT, David Anthony.   A Study of Parameter Measurement in a Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment.   D. Phil.   1998  
MARTIN, John Fraser.   A Study of Polarization Effects in p+p Elastic Scattering.   D. Phil.   1972  
HEARD, Kenneth Stanbury.   A Study of Polarization Effects in p-p Elastic Scattering for Incident Pion Momenta in the Range 700 MEV/C to 2100 MEV/C.   D. Phil.   1967  
CONRAD, Janet M.   A Study of QCD Effects in Muon-Nucleon Scattering.   M. Sc   1986  
DAUNCEY, Paul Dominic.   A Study of QCD Processes in e+e- Annihilation.   D. Phil.   1986  
BLYTH, Simon Charles.   A Study of Radiative Muon-Pair Events at Z Energies and limits on an additional Z' Gauge Boson.   D. Phil.   1994  
DOLAN, Stephen Philip.   A Study of Resonances Observed in the Alpha-Particle Bombardment of 20Ne, using a Cryopumped Gas Target.   D. Phil.   1975  
THOMAS, Jennifer A.   A Study of Semi-Leptonic Decays of Heavy Quarks.   D. Phil.   1983  
COBB, John H.   A Study of Some electromagnetic Interactions of High Velocity Particles with Matter.   D. Phil.   1975  
ROBERTSON, Alan Graham.   A Study of Some Excited Nuclear States.   D. Phil.   1969  
McCUBBIN, N. A.   A Study of some K- Final States Produced in K-p Interactions Between 3.0 and 4.0 GeV/c.   D. Phil.   1973  
JONES, A. D. W.   A Study of some Nuclear Reactions.   D. Phil.   1965  
DAINTON, J. B.   A Study of Some Strange Boson Resonances Produced in K+P and K+D Interactions.   D. Phil.   1973  
BULL, Philip Simon.   A Study of Specific Hadronic Final States in Electron - Positron Annihilation At 34GeV Centre of Mass Energy.   D. Phil.   1986  
CLARKE, Peter E. L.   A Study of Tau Leptons in Electron-Positron Annihilations at High Energies.   D. Phil.   1985  
WINFIELD, John Stuart.   A Study of the (9Be, 10B) Reaction.   D. Phil.   1983  
STASSINAKIS, Argyrios.   A Study of the Atmospheric Neutrino Flavour Content using the Soudan 2 Detector.   D. Phil.   1997  
POLETTI, A. R.   A Study of the Decay of Some Nuclear States Excited in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions.   D. Phil.   1964  
SYMONS, Timothy James McNeil.   A Study of the Electromagnetic Decay of Unbound States in 19F.   D. Phil.   1976  
GILL, Richard Davies.   A Study of the Energy Levels in Light Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1967  
LONG, Kenneth R.   A Study of the Hadrons Produced in Deep Inelastic Muon Proton Scattering.   D. Phil.   1984  
GIBAUT, Duncan Bernard.   A Study of the Hadro-Production and Weak Decay of Charm Particles in 360 GeV/cp-p and 400 GeV/cpp Interactions.   D. Phil.   1986  
BRODET, E.   A study of the heavy flavour production at centre-of-mass energies between 183 and 207 GeV.   D. Phil.   2004  
JEFFRIES, T. O.   A Study of the Interaction Between the Nuclei of the Light Elements and High Energy Particles.   D. Phil.   1951  
OWENS, R, O.   A Study of the Interaction of High Energy Photons with Matter.   D. Phil.   1963  
HEMINGWAY, R. J.   A Study of the Interactions of 10 GeV/c K+ Mesons in Hydrogen.   D. Phil.   1967  
CORBETT, Ian F.   A Study of the Interactions of Elementary Particles.   D. Phil.   1965  
DAMERELL, C. J. S.   A Study of the Interactions of Elementary Particles.   D. Phil.   1965  
RIDDLE, R. A. J.   A Study of the Interactions of Nucleons in the Energy Range 15-150 MEV with Various Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1964  
PRESCOTT, J. R.   A Study of the Nuclear Structures of Some of the Heavy Elements.   D. Phil.   1953  
WYATT, Terence Richard.   A Study of the Production of b Quarks in e+ e- Annihilation at High Energies.   D. Phil.   1983  
McGOW, R. R.   A Study of the Production of the N* (1236) Resonance and of Deep Inelastic Scatteriong in Neutrino-Proton Interactions at Energies up to 200 GeV.   D. Phil.   1979  
LEWIS, David Geraint.   A Study of the Reaction (6Li, d) on Light Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1985  
HAWKINS, Christopher Michael.   A Study of the Reaction e+e-? + - () at Centre of Mass Energies up to 46.78 GeV.   D. Phil.   1985  
BEESTON, Christine Jane.   A Study of the Reaction e+e-? + Around the Z Pole.   D. Phil.   1992  
BALKWILL, Clare.   A Study of the Reactions e+e-? + - and e+e-?+- at Centre of Mass Energies Between 35 and 47 GeV.   D. Phil.   1988  
RUGGLES, Clive.   A Study of the Structure of Optically Thick Winds with Application to the Early Decline Stage in Classical Novae.   D. Phil.   1977  
KIRBY-GALLAGHER, Lucy Mary.   A Study of Underground Muons in The Soudan II Detector.   D. Phil.   1990  
SPALDING, W. J.   A Study on the Peripheral 3p System Produced in p-p Interactions at 94 GEV/C.   D. Phil.   1979  
DALTON, Gavin Bruce.   A Survey of Rich Clusters of Galaxies.   D. Phil.   1992  
SMITH, Michael David.   A Theoretical Study of Extra-Galactic Radio Sources.   D. Phil.   1979  
FRY, Peter Elliot.   A Theoretical Study of Resonances Observed in 12C+12C Scattering.   D. Phil.   1997  
HALLAM-BAKER, Phillip Martin.   A Transputer Based Realtime, Highbandwidth Data Acquisition System.   D. Phil.   1993  
OOI, Stanley Seong Ling.   A. Study of the -rays from the Self-Conjugate Nuclei 64Ge and 48Cr using - coincidence techniques.   D. Phil.   1986  
LANCASTER, Andrew James   Absolute distance interferometry capable of long-term high frequency measurements of fast targets   D. Phil.   2015  
WARDEN, Matthew   Absolute distance metrology using frequency swept lasers   D.Phil   2011  
BRAY, R. J.   Absorption Lines in the Solar Spectrum: The Centre-Limb Variation of the Sodium D-Lines.   D. Phil.   1956  
LAMBERT, David L.   Abstract of Solar Limb-Darkening in the Infra-Red Region.   D. Phil.   1965  
HOLMES, J.   Abstract of Sunspot Velocity Fields.   D. Phil.   1962  
HIGGS, L. A.   Abstract of the Solar Red-Shift.   D. Phil.   1961  
IBBETSON, P. A.   Abundances in Early Type Stars.   D. Phil.   1969  
BRONK, Christopher Ramsey.   Accelerator Mass Spectrometry of Radiocarbon Dating.   D. Phil.   1987  
CLARKE, Catherine Jane.   Accretion Disc Structure in Binary Star and Galactic Potentials.   D. Phil.   1987  
MANTLE, Vincent John.   Accretion Disc Structure in Dwarf Novae.   D. Phil.   1983  
GRISHAM, Larry Richard.   Alpha Clustering Near A=60.   D. Phil.   1974  
BATLEY, John Richard.   An Analysis of the Hadronic Final State Produced in Charged Current Neutrino-Proton Interactions.   D. Phil.   1981  
BOWER, D. I.   An Experimental Investigation of Collision Effects in Atomic Spectra.   D. Phil.   1963  
DAWES, N. W.   An Experimental Investigation of p-p reactions at 11 GeV/c.   D. Phil.   1973  
COX, Anthony Jolyon.   An Experimental Study of Electromagnetic Transitions in Some sd- and f-shell nuclei.   D. Phil.   1974  
DRAKE, V. A.   An Experimental Study of K+d Interactions at 5.44 GeV/c: Data Analysis and Some Results for the Reaction K+n?Kt p-p   D. Phil.   1974  
ROBERTSON, B. C.   An Experimental Study of Nuclear Energy Levels Near Closed Shells.   D. Phil.   1969  
JONES, A. Quentin.   An Experimental Study of Proton Antiproton Interactions at 2.32 GeV/c.   D. Phil.   1973  
WILKINSON, I.   An Experimental Study of some K-P Interactions at 6 GeV/c.   D. Phil.   1967  
COOPER, Amanda M.   An Experimental Study of Some Quasi Two-Body Reactions in 3.13-3.6 GeV/cK-p Interactions.   D. Phil.   1975  
THOMSON, Mark Andrew.   An Experimental Study of the Possible Association of Deep Underground Muons with Astronomical Point Sources.   D. Phil.   1991  
OREBI GANN, Gabriel D.   An improved measurement of the 8B solar neutrino energy spectrum at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory   D.Phil   2008  
ZUBERI, Rashid Shahid.   An Inclusive Analysis of the Leptonic Decay Modes of the Z boson.   D. Phil.   1994  
BYRNE, Alex Francis.   An initial study of diffractive physics in electron-proton collisions at HERA and performance of the tracking trigger for the ZEUS experiment.   D. Phil.   1994  
JOLLY, Simon.   An Intra-pulse Fast Feedback System for a Future Linear Collider.   D. Phil.   2003  
CLEMENT, T.   An Investigation into Techniques for Automated data Acquisition from Graphical Images.   D. Phil.   1979  
WADDINGTON, W. C.   An Investigation into the Wavelengths and Profiles of Solar Absorption Lines.   D. Phil.   1983  
COLWILL, Stephen James.   An Investigation of Chemical Particle Production and Decay.   D. Phil.   1985  
ROSS, Richard T.   An Investigation of Elementary Particles Using Bubble Chamber Techniques. A Study of the Production of Strangeness -2 Hyperons.   D. Phil.   1972  
COE, Paul Andrew.   An Investigation of Frequency Scanning Interferometry for the alignment of the ATLAS semiconductor tracker.   D. Phil.   2001  
JONES, Elisabeth Patricia.   An Investigation of Isobaric Analogue Resonances.   D. Phil.   1971  
UYTHOVEN, Jan Arie.   An Investigation of Low-Energy Injection for Electron Storage Rings. (2 vols)   D. Phil.   1991  
ETCHEGOYEN, Alberto.   An Investigation of Nuclear Reactions Leading to Charge Exchange Between Heavy Ions.   D. Phil.   1981  
OWEN, M. E.   An Investigation of Nuclear Reactions using Photographic Plate Technique.   D. Phil.   1952  
RAGGETT, David St. John.   An Investigation of Oscillator Strengths and Collisional Broadening in the Atomic Calcium Spectrum   D. Phil.   1983  
HOLT, Peter John.   An Investigation of Radiative Interference in e+e-? + - at the Z Resonance and a Search for Contact Interactions between Leptons at s = 130 - 140 GeV.   D. Phil.   1996  
WELLS. John.   An Investigation of some 2-body Reactions Induced by Negative Kaons of Momenta 3-4 GeV/c in the CERN 2M Hydrogen Bubble Chamber.   D. Phil.   1977  
ANDERSON, Robert.   An Investigation of Some Excited Nuclear States Using High Resolution Gamma Ray Detectors.   D. Phil.   1968  
LISLE, J. C.   An Investigation of Some Nuclear Excited States.   D. Phil.   1959  
WOLF, Elizabeth A.   An investigation of the neutron flux from the Dd reactions, and its applications.   D. Phil.   1955  
JAMESON, R. F.   An Investigation of the Polarization of the Night Sky.   D. Phil.   1967  
STRINGFELLOW, M. W.   An Investigation of the Scattering of High Energy X-Rays.   D. Phil.   1959  
MOFFATT, I.   An Investigation on the Deuteron-Deuteron Reaction.   D. Phil.   1949  
FOREST, A. E.   An Optical Model Analysis of Some Nuclear Interactions (Deuteron Elastic Scattering and Stripping).   D. Phil.   -  
BOOTH, L.   An Optical Study of Three Transient X-ray Sources.   D. Phil.   1987  
MAFETHE, M. E.   An Opticval Analysis of Some Nuclear Interactions. B. Sc. 1965   B. Sc.   1965  
KANJANARAT, P.   Analysis of Multistep Reaction Cross-Sections using FKK Theory.   M. Sc.   1994  
HARRIS, J. F.   Application of Cybernetics and Electronics to High Energy Physics.   D. Phil.   1970  
BECKMAN, J. E.   Application of Image Intensifiers to Astronomy.   D. Phil.   1965  
NASH, Jonathan.   Application of the Direct Timing Method in the ZEUS Central Tracking Detector.   D. Phil.   1990  
NEDJADI, Youcef.   Applications of a Relativistic Model to Nuclear Single Particle States.   M. Sc.   1986  
WINSTANLEY, Elizabeth.   Aspects of Four-Dimensional Black Holes with Hair: Stability and Entropy Considerations.   D. Phil.   1996  
MICHELS, Amanda Therese.   Aspects of Lattice Gauge Theory.   D. Phil.   1995  
MUBARAKMAND, S.   Aspects of Neutron Emission Following The Charged Particle Bombardment of Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1966  
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DORREN, John David.   Aspects of the Quark Model of Elementary Particles.   D. Phil.   1969  
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NELSON, John Michael.   Asymmetries in Nucleon Transfer Reactions Induced by Polarized Protons.   D. Phil.   1968  
ROBBINS, Simon.   Atmospheric Neutrino Predictions and the Influence of Hadron Production.   D. Phil.   2004  
COLEMAN, Colin S.   Axisymmetric Models of Extragalactic Jets.   D. Phil.   1983  
JONES, Philip G.   Background Rejection for the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment SNO+   D.Phil   2011  
MARCHESE, J. T.   Background Studies for the CRESST Dark Matter Search.   D. Phil.   2000  
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BRIEVA, Francisco Abel.   Calculation of the Optical Potential from Realistic Internucleon Forces.   D. Phil.   1977  
YIP, Kin.   Calibration of the LEP collision energy during the 1995 Z resonance scan and measurement of the inclusive leptonic decays of the Z░ with the DELPHI detector.   D. Phil.   1996  
MACHIN, Graham.   Cataclysmic Variables in Globular Clusters and Low Mass X-Ray Binaries.   D. Phil.   1990  
FLOR, Andres Cruz.   Characteristics of Strange Particle Resonant States.   D. Phil.   1967  
DAVIS, Christopher L. R.   Charged Current Neutrino Interactions in a Heavy Liquid Bubble Chamber.   D. Phil.   1979  
BISHOP, R. O.   Chromospheric Problems: The Latitude and Height Dependence of the Hydrogen Ha and Helim D3 Emission.   D. Phil.   1956  
BRISBANE, Sean   CLEO-c D -> K0S,L pi+ pi- Binned Dalitz-Plot Analyses Optimised for the CKM Angle Measurement and the Commissioning of the LHCb RICH Front-End Electronics   D.Phil   2010  
ABDELSALAM, Hanadi Mohamed.   Cluster Mass Profiles from Gravitational Lensing.   D. Phil.   1998  
BATUSKI, David J. Abell   Clusters as Tracers of Large-Scale Structure in the Universe.   D. Phil.   1986  
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BLACK, John L.   Collective Radiative Properties of Nuclei.   D. Phil.   1965  
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PARKER, D. J.   Complete and Incomplete Fusion and Pre-Equilibrium Emission in Heavy Ion Reactions sharing the Compound Nucleus 63Cu.   D. Phil.   1984  
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CONNORS, P. A.   Computations in Relativistic Astrophysics.   D. Phil.   1978  
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