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MINOS Jan 11 Collaboration Meeting

List of Participants

Name     Institution    
Alexander Himmel       California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Alexander Radovic       University College London, Worcester Park
Alexandre Sousa       Harvard University, Cambridge
Alfons Weber       Univerisity of Oxford, Oxford
Anna Holin       UCL, London
Arthur Kreymer       Fermilab, Batavia, IL
Benton Pahlka       Fermilab, Batavia, IL
Brian Rebel       Fermilab, Batavia, IL
Catherine James       Fermilab, Batavia
Christopher Backhouse       University of Oxford, Oxford
Christopher White       Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago
Daniel Cherdack       Tufts University, Somerville
Donna Naples       University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
doreenoa doreenoaYN       doreenoa,
Elisabeth Falk       University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton
Freddieoa FreddieoaJU       Freddieoa,
Freddieoa FreddieoaJU       Freddieoa,
Freddissoa FreddissoaHV       Freddissoa,
Freddissoa FreddissoaHV       Freddissoa,
Freddissoa FreddissoaHV       Freddissoa,
Freddissoa FreddissoaHV       Freddissoa,
Gary Feldman       Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Giles Barr       Oxford, Oxford
Howard Rubin       IIT, Oak Park, IL
Jacob Schneps       Tufts University, Medford, MA
Jaroslaw Nowak       University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Jeffrey de Jong       Oxford University, Oxford
Jeffrey Hartnell       University of Sussex, Hove
Jeffrey Nelson       William & Mary, Williamsburg
jennifer thomas       ucl, London
Jerry Meier       University of Minnesota, Embarrass MN
Jessica Mitchell       University of Cambridge, Cambridge
JIm Musser       Indiana U, Bloomington IN
jonaoa jonaoaNS       jonaoa,
Joseph Walding       College of William and Mary, Batavia
Justin Evans       UCL, London
Karol Lang       The University of Texas at Austin, Austin
linusoa linusoaES       linusoa,
Lisa Whitehead       Brookhaven National Lab, Upton, NY
Luke Corwin       Indiana University, Batavia
marianoa marianoaBK       marianoa,
Mark Mathis       William and Mary, Naperville
Mark Thomson       University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Marvin Marshak       University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Mary Bishai       Brookhaven National lab, Upton, NY
Maury Goodman       ANL, Argonne IL
Mhair Orchanian       California Institute of Technology, North Hollywood
Michael Kordosky       W&M, Williamsburg, VA
Nathan Mayer       Indiana University, Batavia
Nicholas Graf       Illinois Institute of Technology, Naperville, IL
Patricia Vahle       W&M, Williamsburg, VA
Peter Litchfield       Minnesota/RAL, Abingdon
Philip Schreiner       Argonne National Lab, Naperville, Illinois
Rashid Mehdiyev       UT Austin, Batavia
Richard Gran       Duluth, Duluth
Robert Hatcher       Fermilab, St. Charles
Robert Plunkett       Fermilab, Batavia, IL
Ruth Toner       University of Cambridge, Cambridge
Ryan Nichol       UCL, London
Sarah Budd       Argonne National Lab, Downers Grove, IL
scottoa scottoaTH       scottoa,
Stanley Wojcicki       Stanford University, Stanford, CA
varlog vMdsbrMtuMgWPx       darel233455@gmail.com, New York
Zeynep Isvan       University of Pittsburgh, Batavia

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