The detection of atmospheric neutrinos in a 1000 tonne iron calorimeter in the Iron Mine at Tower Soudan, Northern Minnesota.

The Soudan2 experiment confirms an unexpected but important finding about the physics of neutrinos - in brief, that neutrinos lose their identity between the point where they are produced in the upper atmosphere and the place where they are detected in deep underground experiments. Some discussion of the physics, the significance of the result, the experimental team and the apparatus are given.

Pictures of Soudan2

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The Soudan Mine, Tower, Minnesota

The Soudan2 Collaboration at a meeting in Tower

The Iron Calorimeter Modules 2700 feet below ground in the experimental hall

A computer plot of raw data in the detector modules. The green lines represent the boundaries between detector modules. After clicking the image to see the full size, click again in the area highlighted in blue to see a charged current muon-neutrino interaction


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