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We have organised a selection of BPhO questions by topic area. Please click on the links below for the questions. Solutions can be found in the mark schemes for the corresponding papers.

AS and A2 Challenge questions

AS and A2 Papers DATABASE

Astronomy questions (A2)

Astronomy questions (AS)

Data and Estimation (A2)

Data and Estimation (AS)

Electricity and Circuits (A2)

Electricity and Circuits (AS)

Forces and Dynamics (A2)

Forces and Dynamics (AS)

Kinetics (AS)

Kinetics and Rotational Motion (A2)

Liquids and Gases (A2)

Liquids and Gases (AS)

Magnetism (AS)pdf

Optics (A2)

Optics (AS)

Oscillations (A2)

Oscillations (AS)

Particle Physics (A2)

Particle Physics (AS)

Solid Mechanics (A2)

Thermodynamics (A2)

Thermodynamics (AS)

BPhO Round 1 questions

Astronomy (Round 1)

Data and Estimation (Round 1)

Electrodynamics and Circuits (Round 1)

Energy and Motion (Kinetics) (Round 1)

Forces and Motion (Dynamics) (Round 1)

Magnetism (Round 1)

Optics (Round 1)

Oscillations and Waves (Round 1)

Particle Physics  (Round 1)

Thermodynamics (Round 1)

For enquiries please contact BPhO@physics.ox.ac.uk.