PHYSTAT 05 - Posters

Poster Format

Dear Contributor to PHYSTAT05,

Display boards will be available for the poster session which will be from the beginning of the Conference, for the session at 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Wednesday 14th September.

There will be one board per poster; each board is 116cm horizontally x 91cm vertically.

Yours truly,

The Phystat05 Local Organising Committee

Posters will be on display from the beginning of the Conference, but will have their presenters in attendance during this period on Wednesday late afternoon.

5.30 - 6.30 Poster Session on level 5

Alavi   Random walks, a link between statistical, condensed matter, mathematical and particle Physics.
Bityukov   Program for evaluation of the significance confidence intervals and limits by direct probabilities calculations
Bityukov   The Bayesian effects in measurement of the astmmetry of Poisson flows
Buckley   CEDAR: Combined e-Science Data Analysis Resource
Chaturvedi   Restoration of Supersymmetry against arbitrary small quantum corrections using feedforward neural network
Gagunashvili   x2 test for comparison of weighted and unweighted histograms
Linnemann   Statistical Software
Muenich/Hill   Confidence interval construction applied to an unfolding problem
Narsky   StatPatternRecongnition: A C++ Package for Statistical Analysis of High Energy Physics Data
Raja   Calculation of errors in fitted quantities in likelihood fits