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Sunday Sept 11th    
    3.30pm - 6.30pm   Registration in Jesus College
    5.15pm - 6.45pm   Welcome reception in Jesus College
Monday Sept 12th    
    8.45am   Registration
      Organisational Details
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    9.20am   Welcome (Brian Foster)
    9.30am   Cox (Keynote address)
    10.15am   Coffee
    10.35am   Lauritzen, Goodness of fit.
    11.20am   Holmes, Visualisation.
    12.05pm   End of morning session
    1.45pm   Conference photograph at Physics Building
    2.00 - 6.00pm   Parallel contributed talks
    8.15pm   Musical performance (Holywell Music Room)
Tuesday Sept 13th    
    9.00am   Cousins, Limits + nuisance params. Respondant: Reid
    9.55am   Cranmer, LHC searches
    10.40am   Coffee
    11.00am   Linnemann + Nichol, Software.
    11.55am   End of morning session
    1.15pm - 7.15pm   Coach trip to visit Enigma Exhibition, Bletchley Park
Wednesday Sept 14th    
    9.00am   Starck, Multiscale structure.
    9.50am   Szalay, Astrophysics + terabytes.
    10.40am   Coffee
    11.10am   Friedman, Machine learning. Respondant: Prosper
    12.05pm   End of morning session
    2.00pm - 6.30pm   Parallel contributed talks and Poster Session
    7.15pm   Conference Dinner
Thursday Sept 15th    
    9.00am   Panel on statistics issues (Cousins, Cox, Friedman and Silverman)
    10.30am   Coffee
    10.50am   Clifford, Time series.  Respondant: Sathyaprakash
    11.45am   Titterington, Deconvolution.  Respondant: Cowan
    12.40pm   End of morning session
    2.15pm   Johnston, Transit of Venus.  
    2.45pm   Concluding talks (Feldman, Jaffe, Reid)
    4.15pm   End of Conference


Conference sessions will be in the Denys Wilkinson Building, which is situated at the corner of  Banbury and Keble Roads. Lunches and the Conference Dinner on Wednesday are in the Hall at Jesus College.


  • Robert Cousins (UCLA), Limits in the presence of Nuisance Parameters
  • Sir David Cox (Oxford), Keynote address, Frequentist and Bayesian Statistics: their role in the analysis of empirical data
  • Peter Clifford (Oxford), Practical Bayesian methods for Time Series analysis
  • Kyle Cranmer (Brookhaven), Statistical challenges of LHC searches for new physics
  • Gary Feldman (Harvard), Concluding talk
  • Jerome Friedman (Stanford), Rule-based methods in machine learning
  • Susan Holmes (Stanford), Visualising high dimensional data
  • Andrew Jaffe (Imperial College), Concluding talk
  • Stephen Johnston (Oxford), Transit of Venus
  • Steffen Lauritzen (Oxford), Goodness of Fit
  • Jim Linnemann (Michigan State), Software for Statistics
  • Bob Nichol (Portsmouth), Software for Statistics
  • Nancy Reid (Toronto), Concluding talk
  • Jean-Luc Starck (Saclay), Cosmology and multiscale geometric analysis
  • Alex Szalay (Johns Hopkins), Astrophysics with terabytes of data
  • Mike Titterington (Glasgow),  Some aspects of statistical image modelling and restoration


Panel discussion of specific issues of statistical analysis.

It is planned to have a panel discussion in one of the plenary sessions. Participants could submit questions about the statistical analysis they have used for their data, with the idea of finding out from panel members whether there are alternative recommended statistical procedures that could be usefully employed. Interested participants should submit a short (less than 2 pages) description of their problem by August 10th. Panel members will then choose from the submissions which they would like to discuss.

Musical Evening

The concert will be given in the Holywell Music Room by Alexander Sitkovetsky (violin) and Kumiko Ito (piano).

  • Ciacconna from the D Minor Solo Sonata - J.S. Bach
  • Caprice No. 24 for Solo Violin - N. Paganini
  • Recitative and Scherzo-Caprice for Solo Violin - F. Kreisler
  • Sonata "Devil's Trill" for Violin & Piano - G. Tartini
  • Interval
  • Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major "Duo" - F. Schubert
  • Waltz, Winter's Fairy and Mazurka from 5 pieces from the Cinderella Suite by S. Prokofiev arranged Fihtengolts
  • Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso - C. Saint-Saens