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General Background


Bayesian Priors


  • Roger Barlow, SLUO Lectures on Statistics and Numerical Methods in HEP, Lecture 5: Systematic Errors. Available via BaBar Statistics Working Group web page
  • R. D. Cousins and V. Highland, NIM A320 (1992) 331

Goodness of Fit

Combining Results

  • W Mass Summer 01 Conference note: Combined Preliminary Results on the Mass and Width of the W Boson Measured by the LEP Experiments, LEP W Working Group,July 2001
  • TGC Summer 01 Conference note: Combined Results for Electroweak Gauge Boson Couplings Measured on the LEP Experiments, LEP GC Working Group, July 2001.
  • Both notes are available from the LEP EW WG pages http://lepewwg.web.cern.ch/LEPEWWG/

Related web-sites

See http://astrostatistics.psu.edu/ for the Penn State Astrostatistics Center. There are many activities and resources such as curriculum development, tutorial workshops, Web-based resources, and public software, mainly for the astronomical and space science communities.