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The Denys Wilkinson Building

The building was built in the 1960's on the north-east corner of Keble and Banbury Roads to house the new Department of Nuclear Physics.  It was originally named the Nuclear Physics Laboratory.  Since then the various physics areas have been unified into a single Department of Physics with 6 Subdepartments.  The Subdepartments of Astrophysics and Particle Physics are now the main occupants of the building.  In 2001 the building was renamed the Denys Wilkinson Building, in honour of Sir Denys Wilkinson who was instrumental in its creation.  

On 21 June 2002 a ceremony was held to mark this renaming, with a series of talks followed by a reception.  The programme gives links to the talks available on the web.  The press release provides some general information.

The building contains two rooms named for prominent previous members of staff:  the Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre and the Fisher Room.

Additional information: The Denys Wilkinson Day Archive