Authors: J. Nunn, U. Dorner, P. Michelberger, K.F. Reim, K.C. Lee, N.K. Langford, I.A. Walmsley and D. Jaksch
Title:Quantum memory in an optical lattice
Abstract:Arrays of atoms trapped in optical lattices are appealing as storage media for photons, since motional dephasing of the atoms is eliminated. The regular lattice is also associated with band structure in the dispersion experienced by incident photons. Here we study the in uence of this band structure on the efficiency of quantum memories based on electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) and on Raman absorption. We observe a number of interesting e ects, such as both reduced and superluminal group velocities, enhanced atom-photon coupling and anomalous transmission. These effects are ultimately deleterious to the memory efficiency, but they are easily avoided by tuning the optical fields away from the band edges.
Date:created: 27-11-2007, last modified: 27-08-2010

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