Authors: S. Al-Assam, R. A. Williams, and C. J. Foot
Title:Ultracold atoms in an optical lattice with dynamically variable periodicity
Abstract:The use of a dynamic 'accordion' lattice with ultracold atoms is demonstrated. Ultracold atoms of 87Rb are trapped in a two-dimensional optical lattice, and the spacing of the lattice is then increased in both directions from 2.2 to 5.5 microns. Atoms remain bound for expansion times as short as a few milliseconds, and the experimentally measured minimum ramp time is found to agree well with numerical calculations. This technique allows an experiment such as quantum simulations to be performed with a lattice spacing smaller than the resolution limit of the imaging system, while allowing imaging of the atoms at individual lattice sites by subsequent expansion of the optical lattice.
Date:created: 25-09-2010

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