University Crest
    Seventh Meeting on Hot Subdwarfs and Related Objects
    2015 July 19th - 25th
    Department of Physics, University of Oxford, UK

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Conny Aerts (Leuven)
  • Stephane Charpinet (Toulouse)
  • Stephan Geier (ESO)
  • Uli Heber (Bamberg)
  • Simon Jeffery (Armagh)
  • Pierre Maxted (Keele)
  • Philipp Podsiadlowski (Oxford, Chair)
  • Suzanna Randall (ESO)
  • Tom Brown (STSCI)

Local Organising Committee

  • Tony Lynas-Gray (Oxford, Chair)
  • Leanne O'Donnell (Oxford)
  • Philipp Podsiadlowski (Oxford)