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We often have some posts for post-docs so drop us a line if you're on the market - scroll way down for more details.

Scholarship and PhD/DPhil details

We are recruiting – contact Nick.

The systems group will now be taking on students through Imperial Mathematics you might also consider applying to the Doctoral Training Centre in Chemical Biology.

This is a list of scholarships which we would encourage you to apply for as international students.

Note this for UK government scholarships

Also google offers PhD fellowships

Postdoctoral Fellowships

We have a track record of attracting independent postdoctoral fellows - follow link. Contact us and we will discuss whether an application can be supported.

Our grant based post-docs will be advertised elsewhere.

Summer Studentships

 We occasionally take on summer students. Send us your CV, research interests and a preliminary idea for a project proposal. Funding for such posts is limited and students should explore all available options