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I run the Systems and Signals group (or the Oxford Complex Systems group) in Oxford Condensed Matter Physics. Click on the links in the panel on the left to learn about the Systems and Signals group. I'm a mathematician-physicist with interests in the Natural world. My work abuts topics in engineering, statistics and computer science.

I am interested in the signals that emerge from natural systems and how they couple to underlying networks.

Networks and Fluctuations - Complex Systems and Systems Biology: Network (graph) analysis, the principles of networks and combinatorics; Transport and development in biological networks; Network inference for Systems Biology and Society; Spreading processes on networks;  Probabilistic inference with ensembles of networked elements; Statistical signal processing; Single cell and single molecule noise; Mitochondrial dynamics; Stochasticity and stem cells; Stochastic processes, the evolution of form and inference; Highly Comparative Data Analysis for networks, signals and landscapes.

If you would like to join us, contact me and click here for funding.

Tax payers support almost all of my research and can learn about it here

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March 26-27th 2012 Royal Society Meeting on Signal Processing and Inference for the Physical Sciences. At the Royal Society in London co-organised with Tom Maccarone

March 28-29th 2012 Royal Society Meeting on Signal Processing for the Physical Sciences (satellite of the above). At the Kavli Royal Society Inernational Conference centre - co-organised with Tom Maccarone


Functional Phylogenies Meetings most recent 27th Sept

co-initiated and co-organised with Renaud Lambiotte:

Complexity Oxford Imperial Meetings most recent 1st October


I initiated and was the principal organiser of the following days to bridge disciplines and departments in Oxford:

Oxford Signals Days (2009, 2010)

Oxford Networks Days (2008, 2009, 1st Oct 2010)

With Ben Fulcher, and Andrew Whitby (Economics), and the support of Balliol's Interdisciplinary Institute, we started an interdisciplinary seminar series on time series



Address: Physics Department, Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PU, U.K.

E-mail: n.jones1 [at]

physics dot ox dot ac dot uk












Librarianship, Cartography and Exploration have never been more relevant  in a period of huge, but fragmented, intellectual activity and a new frontier of digitised data.