Quantum Sensors for Fundamental Physics

16 – 17 October, 2018

Oxford, UK

Some of the confirmed speakers:

  • Giovanni Villadoro (ITCP) "Scientific Motivation Overview"
  • Konrad Lehnert (JILA) “Harnessing quantum technologies in the search for dark matter”
  • Dave Hume (NIST) "Trapped Ions, Atomic clocks, fundamental constants."
  • Jason Hogan (Stanford) "Atom Interferometry"
  • Panagiotis Spentzouris (FNAL) "The FNAL Quantum Program"
  • Karl Berrgren (MIT) "Photon-Number-Resolving Imagers and Detectors Based on Superconducting Nanowires”
  • Yevgeny Stadnik (Mainz) “Magnetic Resonance and Atomic Clocks”

Organized by:

  • Themis Bowcock
  • Ed Daw
  • Mark Lancaster
  • Ruben Saakyan
  • Ian Shipsey (coordinator)

Local Organizers:

  • Daniela Bortoletto
  • Hans Kraus
  • John March Russell
  • Ian Shipsey

We expect the meeting to start at 0900 on October 16 and the last session to end at 1700 on October 17.

Sponsored by the STFC through the 2018 Opportunities Call