Our main directions of research are 

  • Galactic dynamics and kinetic theory of self-gravitating systems (J. Binney, B. Kocsis, J. Magorrian)
  • Gravitational-wave astrophysics and black-hole physics (B. Kocsis)
  • Planetary dynamics and accretion discs (B. Kocsis, C. Terquem)
  • Astrophysical fluid dynamics (J. Magorrian, A. Schekochihin, C. Terquem)
  • Plasma astrophysics and kinetic theory of collisionless plasmas (M. Barnes, A. Schekochihin)
  • Plasma theory for magnetic confinement fusion and gyrokinetic theory (M. Barnes, F. Parra, A. Schekochihin)

In fusion science, we work in close partnership with the UKAEA Culham Laboratory (CCFE).