The Alumni Relations Office exists to nurture and develop long lasting relationships between students, staff and friends of the Department of Physics. We aim to run events and programmes that create opportunities for networking and relationships that keep growing beyond graduation day. Follow the Department on our social media accounts to engage in the conversation.

Once a physicist, always a physicist… We are incredibly proud of our alumni community and we do everything we can to celebrate that special relationship. Please get in touch with ideas, feedback or just to say hello!

'It was lovely to catch up on what is going on, nowadays, and to reminisce about the past.'
Alumna Lyn Heiming (Wadham College), Meeting Minds Global 2021

Events and activities

We organise a calendar of events just for our alumni – from lectures so that you can keep up to date with the latest scientific discoveries and what’s going on in the department to relaxed networking opportunities. Our alumni are spread far and wide so as well as the lectures and receptions we organise here at the Department of Physics in Oxford – and further afield on occasion – many of our events online or recorded so that they can be accessed at a later date via our YouTube channel.

Upcoming events

21 September 2021
plasma seminars
Seminars and colloquia

Plasma Theory Seminar: Decay of primordial magnetic fields via reconnection can explain cosmic-void observations

David Hosking (Oxford)

21 September 2021
Composite image of the night sky with Oxford's skyline, the Extremely Large Telescope's and James Webb Space Telescope silhouette overlaid.
Public talks and lectures

Seeing our history from the Big Bang to Now: New Tech for New Discoveries

Public Lecture by Dr John C. Mather (Nobel Laureate in Physics 2006)

23 September 2021
A poster for the Collide event in September
Public talks and lectures
Public events for children and young people

COLLIDE! Why particle physics at Oxford matters...

A livestream event to learn about particle physics research at Oxford.

28 September 2021
plasma seminars
Seminars and colloquia

Plasma Theory Seminar: Learning transport processes with intelligent machines

Francesco Miniati (Oxford)

Alumnus reading a physics newsletter at an event
Credit: Copyright V.Crowder/Physics

Every two months, we send out an alumni e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date with what is happening in the department today; update your records so you don't miss out

A group of current and past members of the Department of Physics in Edinburgh

Collaborate and connect

From the day you start studying physics to graduation day and long after, connect and collaborate with our fantastic community through social media, clubs and events.

There are many ways in which alumni can contribute to life in the department today: share your story, mentor students, volunteer and support our work. Equally, you might be looking to use our specialist facilities or to engage one of our academics on a consultancy basis – simply get in touch with the alumni office.

Working in the Common Room (Clarendon Lab)

Keep learning beyond graduation day

Lifelong learning

As a learning institution, we are committed to supporting our students, old and new.

Alumni can also join a variety of Oxford-based societies and groups: