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Our researchers change the world: our understanding of it and how we live in it. We explore the fundamentals – how we got here and the secrets of the universe – as well as the practical from developing next-gen materials to pushing the frontiers of quantum and predicting the future for our planet. 

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Our dynamic programme of outstanding research as well as our specialist research facilities, collaborative research networks and international renown attract the brightest minds from around the world. Come and join them.

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21 September 2021
plasma seminars
Seminars and colloquia

Plasma Theory Seminar: Decay of primordial magnetic fields via reconnection can explain cosmic-void observations

David Hosking (Oxford)

21 September 2021
Composite image of the night sky with Oxford's skyline, the Extremely Large Telescope's and James Webb Space Telescope silhouette overlaid.
Public talks and lectures

Seeing our history from the Big Bang to Now: New Tech for New Discoveries

Public Lecture by Dr John C. Mather (Nobel Laureate in Physics 2006)

23 September 2021
A poster for the Collide event in September
Public talks and lectures
Public events for children and young people

COLLIDE! Why particle physics at Oxford matters...

A livestream event to learn about particle physics research at Oxford.

28 September 2021
plasma seminars
Seminars and colloquia

Plasma Theory Seminar: Learning transport processes with intelligent machines

Francesco Miniati (Oxford)

Female scientist


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