How to give to the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics at Oxford tackles some of the most urgent and fascinating challenges we face today: our physicists are probing new ways to harness solar energy, modelling the earth’s atmosphere to predict future climate, exploring the potential of quantum physics to revolutionise information technologies and executing calculations that reveal the fundamental structure of space and time. We participate in many large-scale, international physics projects that challenge our understanding and the way we think, including the Large Hadron Collider and Square Kilometre Array. We welcome donations from those who wish to support the Department of Physics financially, helping to support our world-class scientific research and teaching.

OXPEG: supporting the brightest and best postgraduates

The Oxford Physics Endowment for Graduates (OXPEG) provides scholarships and flexible financial support to graduate students. OXPEG enables the department to attract the best possible candidates from around the world, and foster the keenest minds, regardless of their financial circumstances or backgrounds. Graduate students contribute enormously to the work of our department, formulating new ideas and finding novel answers to pressing technical challenges. We are very grateful to donors who have enabled Oxford physicists to play a fundamental role in advancing our understanding of the universe in areas such as astrophysics, particle physics and theoretical physics.

Donors who contribute £1,000 per year or more to OXPEG will be recognised for their generosity with membership to the Henry Moseley Circle.

If you would like to contribute to OXPEG, please donate online or contact

Physics for all

Our outreach programmes have engaged more than 200,000 people with physics in the last five years – from primary and secondary school pupils to community groups. It is our aim to inspire young scientists around the world – particularly those who would not usually consider physics as a pathway. Our outreach programmes improve access to Oxford's Department of Physics for secondary school children and widen young people’s participation in STEM; equally, we work closely with our local communities and run a diverse programme of activity to engage the public with our research.

To support our outreach work, donate online now, or contact

Supporting larger projects

The Department of Physics also welcomes support for individual projects, with opportunities available to fund academic programmes, projects studentships and posts. In funding supporting these, donors have an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the department and further scientific understanding. For example, by supporting an academic post, donors enable the Department of Physics to recruit the very best physicists from around the world, while funding a DPhil, or PhD, scholarship enables bright young students to study at Oxford who may not otherwise be able to do so.

Gifts can often be enhanced by a variety of tax-efficient giving initiatives. If you would like to discuss giving or to visit and see the impact of philanthropy, please contact