We have a team of in-house experts, our research facilitators, that support researchers with every step of the application process for research funding – from identifying opportunities to advising on content, checking compliance and costing projects.

Securing ongoing funding for research is an essential part of a researcher’s job – but it can be time-consuming and, often, overwhelming. Our research facilitators work closely with funding bodies and researchers alike; they have extensive experience of the funding landscape and the complexities of submitting timely and successful proposals. The team works with both members of the Department of Physics as well as external fellowship applicants and submits some 250 grant applications every year, of which around 100 are fellowship applications.

Supporting fellowship applications

We support candidates with a range of fellowship applications; if you would like to apply for a fellowship within the Department of Physics, please contact us at fellowships@physics.ox.ac.uk referencing the particular scheme you are interested in.