Our physicists are passionate about research – research that not only decodes the mysteries of the Universe but also unlocks new ways of seeing and doing things.

Our impact strategy follows our mission statement: we apply the transformative power of physics through translation of our research and expertise to create products, services and companies that meet societal and business needs, and through embedding innovation and entrepreneurship into our teaching and training programmes.

Over the last few years we have dramatically increased the pace of innovation as evidenced by the production of inventions, patents, licence deals and spin-out companies and creating a Entrepreneurship for Physicists course for our students.

15 company logos (all spin-outs from Oxford's Department of Physcis): Quantum Dice, Living Optics, ORCA Computing, Machine Discovery, Oxford Ionics, Helio Display Materials, 1715 Labs, Oxford Quantum Circuits, Oxford Nanoimaging, Oxford Photovoltaics, Salunda, Oxbridge Pulsar Sources, Oxford Cryosystems, Oxford Lasers and Oxford Instruments




Innovation and Enterprise Manager

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