Professor Amir Yacoby

63rd Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture

14 Jun 2024
Public talks and lectures
Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
Martin Wood Complex, Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PU

Professor Amir Yacoby, Harvard University

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Quantum sensing of quantum matter

We are delighted to welcome Professor Amir Yacoby from Harvard University to deliver the 63rd Cherwell-Simon Memorial Lecture.

Important scientific discoveries often happen when scientists have new tools that let them look at complex physical problems in different ways. Recently, there have been exciting breakthroughs in the study of quantum materials. This has led scientists to create new methods for examining their basic qualities. In this talk, Yacoby will discuss some of the recent projects he's worked on to develop new local quantum sensing techniques. He will also talk about how these techniques can help us better understand quantum materials.


The event will be followed by a drinks reception. It is free to attend however registration is required. Please register via the link below.