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Access and Engagement Development Week

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The annual event to showcase, share and celebrate all things Access and Engagement! 

The timetable for the event is presented below. Please register your interest  for the sessions using the link at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

    Friday 30 September 2022 (12:00 - 13:30)

    Picnic in the Park is relocated!! The weather doesn't look great, so we will be having our picnic on the balcony of level 5 DWB, which is undercover! The balcony can be accessed via the DWB canteen.

    Join the Access and Engagement Team for a picnic. This is an informal opportunity for members of the physics department to chat to others about your plans for engagement or to find out how to get started. Bring yourself and some lunch. Cake and soft drinks will be provided.

    Previous events during the week

    Monday 26 September 2022 (14:00-14:30)

    Engagement at Oxford Physics: the what, why and how?

    Dr Sian Tedaldi and Lena Shams

    Audrey Wood Seminar Room, Clarendon Labs

    Come along to find out about how we can support you with your PER (public engagement with research). Hear about the work that the Department is doing to engage and support under-represented groups and learn about how to get involved. This session will be particularly useful if you are new to Oxford or PER.

    Monday 26 September 2022 (14:30-15:30, drop-in)

    PER drop-in surgery 

    Dr Sian Tedaldi and Lena Shams

    Audrey Wood Seminar Room, Clarendon Labs

    Come along to discuss your PER ideas. We are here to help guide and support you. 

    Tuesday 27 September 2022 (13:30 - 17:30, drop-in)

    Graduate adventures in PER

    Graduate students on the Public Engagement with Research Grad Course

    Fisher Room, DWB

    Come and hear from the DPhil students about their public engagement projects and activities as part of the Department's PER Grad Course. Featuring top tips and advice for others. A full timetable will be available soon. 

    There are four sessions running during the afternoon at the following times:

    • 13:30: Hank Wu, Archie Morfoot, Qian Zhang, Mikhail Vaganov and Mutibah Alanazi
    • 14:30: Hiroto Takahashi, Leonie Woodland, Karim Elmestekawy, Jake Drysdale and Chun-Chih Hsu
    • 15:30: Heon Jin, Akash Dasgupta, Nicky Evans and Florine Rombach ("We've made and distributed a video game about solar cells! Players have to steer a free electron out of a solar cell without getting trapped in order to generate an electrical current. The game teaches players about the physics behind this key renewable energy source in a fun and comprehensible way") and Yutong Dai
    • 16:30: Mirjam Kummerlin, Rasched Haidari, Xinyi Shen, Shanmei He and Alessandro Ruggiero (A video on: 'How do we search for Dark Matter with ATLAS?').


    Wednesday 28 September 2022 (14:00-14:40)

    The STEM Ambassador Programme

    Andy Keenan, Head of Widening Participation and Engagement at the Winchester Science Centre

    Online session via Zoom

    STEM subjects are brought to life by over 37,000 volunteers nationwide as part of the STEM Ambassador Programme. Andy Keenan, Head of Widening Participation and Engagement at the Winchester Science Centre, will be online to tell you more about the scheme, your local hub and how you can get involved. 

    Register your interest below and the joining link will be sent on the day of the event. 

    Thursday 29 September 2022 (13:00-14:00)

    CENiP network drop-in

    Prof Alan Barr and Dr Sian Tedaldi

    DWB Level 5 Foyer

    The event is to showcase collaborative research projects that have been undertaken with young people and is part of the newly-formed CENiP (Collaborative Engagement Network in Physics). We want to showcase the excellent work that young people can do and encourage others to get involved! Light refreshments will be provided. 

    Thursday 29 September 2022 (14:30-15:15)

    Zooniverse in Schools - how to get involved

    Kat O'Brien Skerry

    Simpkins Lee Room, Beecroft Building

    Come along and hear about Zooniverse in Schools, an STFC funded project that enables children (9-12yrs) to analyse real data from the Zooniverse citizen science platform in their classroom, supported by a series of workshops that can be delivered online or in-person. The workshops aim to use citizen science as a bridge between school science and real-life STEM research and careers. Learn about how you can get involved and support the programme and use the tools to support your own public engagement.