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ALP Seminar: Generation, Detection and Application of Twisted Waves of Light and Neutrons

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Simpkins Lee
Beecroft Building

Prof. Charles Clark, NIST, University of Maryland

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ALP seminar
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It was about 50 years ago today, when "Dislocations in wave trains" [1] came into play.  Twenty years on, "Dislocations" became a nineties hit following the ingenious experiments of Soskin et al. [2],  that showed the promise of applications of twisted or structured light with non-vanishing orbital angular momentum about its propagation axis. [3-5]  Modern use cases for such modalities include increased communication bandwidth for 6G applications.[6]  Quantum particle beams can also be shaped by analogue tools of optics.  I shall present recent results for neutrons, made possible by microfabricated synthetic holograms containing millions of forked dislocation gratings of the type envisaged by Soskin, et al. [7]   


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