AOPP Seminar: Rethinking pathways to climate neutrality

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Dobson Room, AOPP

Glen Peters (CICERO)

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AOPP seminar
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Rethinking pathways to climate neutrality

Abstract: The science robustly shows that (approximately) net zero CO2 emissions leads to no additional warming of the climate system on multidecadal timescales, yet we have been collectively mesmerized by ‘overshoot’ scenarios with large-scale net negative CO2 emissions and declining warming levels in the second half of the century and beyond. The apparent ‘need’ for large-scale net negative CO2 emissions has spurned an entire research and industrial complex on carbon dioxide removal. In this presentation, I want to take a step back, and look at what it takes to achieve climate neutrality. From the physical science perspective, what is the role for carbon dioxide removal, non-CO2 emissions, and how can land-based mitigation help (or hinder) climate neutrality.

Climate neutrality is a state in which the net impact of a combination of anthropogenic climate forcing agents causes no additional warming or cooling of the climate system.