CMT Forum (Internal): Minghao Li

01 Dec 2023
Seminars and colloquia
Lindemann Lecture Theatre

Minghao Li (University of Oxford)

Seminar series
CMT Forum
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Yes, knowledge of physics required
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Gaussian fermionic tensor networks and finite entanglement scaling

Tensor network state (TNS) is a set of wavefunctions that naturally exhibit the area law scaling of entanglement entropy. Because of this, it is a powerful method to simulate systems with gapped local Hamiltonian. The theory of finite entanglement scaling is developed to portray how TNS is used to study area law breaking states, such as 1D critical systems and higher dimensional Fermi liquids. Although the situation is understood very well in 1D, the difficulty to contract higher dimensional TNS has slowed the studies in higher dimensions. In this talk, I will talk about how we use Gaussian fermionic tensor network to study the finite entanglement scaling of Fermi surface states for the first time.