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COLLIDE! Why particle physics at Oxford matters...

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Join us on-line from 4pm to 7pm on Thursday 23 September for a livestream event to learn about particle physics research at Oxford. Hear from researchers studying High Energy collisions, and phenomena like dark matter, antimatter, and neutrinos; follow a guided tour of our Minecraft model of the CERN laboratory; and watch exciting demonstrations from the Accelerate! show. Oxford particle physicists will be available through the evening to answer your questions.

Live, via the Oxford Physics YouTube channel. Everyone is welcome, regardless their knowledge of physics.

Full Schedule

16:00     Welcome

16:05     Talk: Collisions! Smashing your standard small stuff, Eimear Conroy

16:20     Minecraft tour: CERN globe, ATLAS building, and LHC tunnel with live link-up to the ATLAS control room. Siyuan Yan, Jonas Wuerzinger, Koichi Nagai, and Karolos Potamianos.

16:45     Talk: Antimatter! Malcolm John

17:00     Minecraft tour: Inside the ATLAS experiment and Semiconductor Tracker Detector with live link-up to LHC tunnel. Siyuan Yan, Jonas Wuerzinger, Koichi Nagai, and Karolos Potamianos

17:20     Tour of Oxford Particle Physics Microstructure Detector Laboratory, Dan Weatherill

17:40     Talk: Neutrinos – the ghost particles of the universe, Tomislav Vladisavljevic

17:55     Minecraft tour: CERN campus and Building 40 with live link-up and Q&A. Siyuan Yan, Jonas Wuerzinger, Koichi Nagai, and Karolos Potamianos

18:10     Talk: Dark Matter! Waiting in a Mine for Dark Matter to Collide, Kimberly Palladino

18:30     Panel discussion: The Future of Particle Physics. Daniela Bortoletto (chair), Kimberly Palladino, Todd Huffman

19:00     End


Speakers will answer questions after their talks - you can post yours on the chat box on YouTube.

If time allows, we will also show short video demonstrations from the Accelerate! show – accelerating particles, circular motion, electric and magnetic fields, and liquid nitrogen.

Although we’ll aim to follow this strictly, changes may occur as this will be a live event.

Comments by the participants do not reflect necessarily the views of the Department of Physics.

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