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Alumni, join us for Meeting Minds Global

During 13th & 14th of September, the University of Oxford is hosting a virtual event gathering all alumni from the University of Oxford: Meeting Minds Global. You can read all details and register in the central alumni website here.

We will be hosting a few events to complement the main programme. Visit our booth and join us for the following (all times are BST):

Monday 13 September

12-1pm 'If one Higgs boson is good, two are much better' by Prof Todd Huffman

4-5pm Physics Cafe (informal)


Tuesday 14 September

4-5 pm Physics Cafe (informal)

6-7pm 'Chasing Absolute Zero - How can we achieve the Coldest temperature in the Universe?' by DPhil Péter Juhász

8-9pm ' The Global Jet Watch discovers jets from nova detonations in the Galaxy' by Prof Katherine Blundell

We look forward to seeing you at meeting Minds!