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22 - 24 Sep 2023
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The yearly gathering for University of Oxford alumni will be from 22-24 September this year; alumni have been emailed links to register by the University of Oxford alumni office.

You can view the Meeting Minds Global programme online.

Two physics fellows from The Queen's College will be giving a talk as part of the central programme on Saturday 23 September:  Ghassan Yassin, Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics, University of Oxford  and Josu Aurrekoetxea, Beecroft Fellow and Extraordinary Junior Research Fellow in Physics, University of Oxford. 

A journey through the universe: from Halley and Hubble until today and beyond
Lecture Theatre 3, Mathematical Institute, Woodstock Rd, OX2 6GG

How did the universe begin? What are we made of? Seeking the answer to these questions has led to the establishment of the Big Bang model, revealing intriguing properties of the universe such as dark matter and dark energy. This talk will explore the great contributions of Queen’s alumni Edmond Halley (1673) and Edwin Hubble (Jurisprudence, 1910) to our current understanding of the cosmos.