Quantum Beams - Single Electron/Photon Physics

Seminars and colloquia

Professor Swapan Chattopadhyay (Director Emeritus, Cockcroft Institute)

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Typically charged particle beams in accelerators behave classically, with quantum effects, if any, being negligible. Radiation from a charged particle beam, however, can be analysed for its statistical properties in terms of 'incoherent' or 'coherent' states of light in classical, semi-classical and quantum regimes. The physics can become important in particle beam collisions at very high energies and high intensities (e.g. 'beamsstrahlung' limitations in electron-positron collisions), but more importantly at very low intensities of a few charged particles and photons (e.g. a single electron or a single photon). Understanding single photon/electron classical, semi-classical and quantum statistical dynamics can be useful in such processes as 'optical stochastic cooling' etc.

The talk will include a general introduction to the subject and limited results from experiments to date, and will also touch upon quantum aspects of 'Atomic Beams' and 'Cavity Electrodynamics' in search of the 'dark' sector the vacuum.


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